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Do you offer bookkeeping services? Aleop is an added value for you!

Integrate AleopTM in the bookkeeping services you offer your clients. By doing so, you will benefit from Aleop’s numerous advantages to become more efficient in your work, and more importantly offer a value-added service to stand out from your competitors. Communicating information will also be simplified. Thanks to Aleop, you can offer a cutting-edge bookkeeping service!

Is your client often in one of these situations?

  • Hates filing paperwork
  • Does not want to do any accounting
  • Expects that the person doing the bookkeeping will help them know their real results, easily and rapidly

As a bookkeeping service provider, are you often in one or many of the following situations?

“I would like to have more clients, yet work the same amount of time; 
I want to be more efficient, save time, and if possible, save money.”

“I need to be able to communicate easily, rapidly and precisely my client’s real results;I want to stand out and offer a value-added service to my clients.”

“I want to use all the available tools that can help build my clients’ loyalty;
I want their businesses to prosper and to keep them coming back for a long time.”


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Aleop is the solution to real issues

  • Digitalization of documents on the farm and invoice management by email
  • Automatic information extraction on all invoices
  • Automation of accounting entries
  • Automatic transfer of these entries to SIGA FINANCE
  • Automatic filing of financial documents
  • Search engine, available at all times, from anywhere!
  • Web centralizes information and makes it accessible to you and your partners, in all places and at all times!
  • In the end, you have real-time access to visual dashboards at the touch of your fingertips, from just about anywhere!

There are many ways to integrate Aleop into your line of work and to adapt it to your clients’ specific needs. Both you and your clients will make the most of all that Aleop has to offer.

  • Overall service efficiency gains: more clients, same staff (less office space, less training needed, etc.)
  • Repetitive tasks become more pleasant
  • Reduced peak periods at the end of the month or at the end of the trimester
  • No more physical transportation and storage of documents
  • Fewer visits from the office to the client
  • Facilitated communication of information to the client and other participants
  • Working from home becomes a possibility
  • Increase staff retention

More importantly, Aleop gives you the opportunity to offer your clients a unique service with more added value, notably thanks to the document filing system, the search engine and the indicator dashboards that you will have chosen and configured according to the specific goals of each client. All this, whenever and wherever, directly on your client’s smartphone! 


Here are the bookkeeping services that have integrated Aleop into their service:


SCF Chaudière- Appalaches


Les Consultants Denis Champagne 
Karina Patoine

Comptagréable – Sonia Lefebvre


We also offer you a standard template of a personalized promotional leaflet and an advantageous printing service to let your customers know about your new service!

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