Keep an eye on your business!

A daily assistant for producers, accessible from anywhere and at all times!

With AleopTM, make the most of your administrative tasks by optimizing time spent on accounting entries, filing and searching for your documents. Access your virtual document folders and dashboards in any place and any time! 

If you are here, your situation probably corresponds to one or many of the following:

“I want to simplify document management;
        I get lost in my papers and I hate filing them!”

“I want to save time spent on accounting;
         I lack time to get everything done well!”

“I want to know my real results, quickly and easily;  
       I don’t know where and how to look for my numbers!”

Aleop is the solution to real issues 

  • Digitalization of documents on the farm and invoice management by email
  • Automatic information extraction on all invoices
  • Automation of accounting entries
  • Automatic transfer of these entries to SIGA FINANCE
  • Automatic filing of financial documents
  • Search engine, available at all times, from anywhere!
  • Web centralizes information and makes it accessible to you and your partners, in all places and at all times!

In the end, you have real-time access to visual dashboards at the touch of your fingertips, from just about anywhere!

In the long run, your situation will improve. By investing in Aleop:

  • Your day-to-day document management will be simplified;
  • You will save time on accounting;
  • You will know your results quickly and easily.

Do like many other producers and reach out to us to learn more about this unique solution that will allow you to keep an eye on your business at all times!

For more information and to get all the details, contact us!
Phone number: 418 656-2108